The Wilde Scout Experience
    What's it like to work with us?
    Our job is unique. We step into your life for a day, and see your lives through a camera. We like to know our couples. We capture things the way we do because of the relationship we build with you. From the moment you first inquire until you see your wedding photos for the first time, and beyond...we have your back. On wedding day, you'll see us as friends with a whole bunch of professional camera gear rather than an awkward intruder.

    This is the Wilde Scout experience.

    01 // You inquire, we bond.

    Once you reach out to us via our booking form, you will receive a response within the hour. Communication is numero uno. Right away, you'll see we have your back. We'll send over full pricing information and details, and we can answer all of your questions over email, phone, FaceTime, or drinks. You can learn more about our approach to weddings and we can learn more about yours. We bond. You know we're the ones for you?! Cheers to that.

    02 // We make it official.

    What's required to lock your date in?

    All we require to book us is a $1,000 non-refundable deposit and our contract which is signed online through our secure + easy system. The remaining balance is due 30 days before wedding day and payment plans are available.

    Once the deposit and contract have been completed, your date is officially booked on our calendar and we are all yours! *cue champagne emojis*

    03 // We've got your back.

    How do we take care of you to deliver the most epic wedding photos possible? We create the work that we do and capture the honest emotions of a wedding day because of the relationship we build with our couples. You don't want a stranger at your wedding. We don't want you to be a stranger either.

    With us? You feel taken care of. Inbox zero is our point of pride, and we are always available for you to use as a resource. We think of ourselves as "wedding spirit guides." We'll add you to our private Facebook group with all of our couples in it, which is a great connection network. And even more? We care.

    04 // This shindig goes down!

    05 // You get the goods.

    When it's all said and done, what do you end up with? You will receive a sneak peek (usually 50-100 photos) within 24-48 hours after your wedding and your full photo gallery within 4-5 weeks. Yup, you read that right. We don't rush our editing and take the time to hand edit every photo, but we have our workflow down to a science so you will receive your photos as efficiently (and beautifully!) as possible.

    You will receive your wedding photos in a password-protected online gallery where you'll be able to view and download the photos, and share them with all of your guests and those uncles that keep asking to see your wedding photos. The photos are free for anyone to download and the prints are hella affordable (and we mean it). In addition, you'll also receive a USB drive from us.