from our wilde scout couples


“Hoooooolyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiit. KATHERINE. You mad, beautiful, talented genius. I am so in love with every single photo in here and have scrolled through the entire thing at least a dozen times since you sent them, with plans for at least four more viewings today. Teddy and I could not be more thrilled with how these came out and also that you werethere with us the whole night. You totally understood our loathing of being in front of the camera and anything posed and absolutely killed it in every way possible. Looking through these last night, I was like, “I don’t even remember her being there for that!” which is a total testament to your ability to capture the best moments of a wedding without intruding or making people feel like they’re being watched. We have gotten so many compliments from friends and family about how fantastic the sneak preview photos were (and a handful of friends regret booking their photographers because our pictures are “way cooler”). Seriously, thank you for being an incredible artist and for agreeing to work with us—I’m so in awe of your eye and talent.”

Allie + Teddy

“Matt, myself, and everyone we know has probably looked through the album a total of a million times already. They are everything we’d hope they would be and more. I am in love with Wilde Scout’s style and can’t believe how great they look every time I open up the album. Thank you so much Sam for capturing us in our home and the streets we walk on every day. You made the afternoon and the experience so fun and comfortable. We are so in love with the moments you’ve turned into pictures and we cannot wait to see what shots you get at the wedding!!”

Kelley + Matt

“Are you kidding me? I’ve never been more obsessed with photos – and I’m in them!? Katherine is not only the most talented photographer, who takes pictures you want to look at, frame, look at again, and frame more of, but she is also the sweetest, most patient, least invasive, fun, happy human ever. My husband and I are not the most natural behind the camera, but she found a way (quickly) to make us comfortable and capture us being us (and looking good). Can not thank you enough and can not yell your praises any louder! HIRE HER!”

Carolyn + Yossi

“We were caught by such surprise when we got this email- we were out celebrating our one month anniversary, and this made our night!! The photos are truly amazing- you have captured every raw moment and it really felt like we were watching a video of our day. We have passed the link on to our family, and have received endless remarks saying how talented you are. We are so thankful to have found you that day at the wedding expo- and knew you were the perfect match for us. You spent our entire wedding day with us as part of our bridal party, basically making us family now 🙂 we are so excited to see the photo album you will be making!”

Laurie + Ray

“Coming from the UK, we had absolutely no idea what to expect from a US Wedding Photographer – turns out you can expect ext the very best! Having discovered Katherine online and having stalked her galleries using Instagram, my wife (then fiancé) contacted Wilde Scoute about shooting our small City Hall Wedding in New York. A prompt funny-assed response from Katherine and we knew we’d found our photographer! Not only did she give us all sorts of advice on what to expect at City Hall, but she even helped us put the bouquet together on the day! What was the best day of our lives was made even better by Katherine’s great company, her chilled demeanour calmed us, and her ability to capture us just being us made everything flow. What’s more, we had over 300 superb photos from the day to share with our friends and family within two weeks of the ceremony – I have friends who have waited three months for their photographs! I honestly can’t recommend Katherine or Wilde Scout enough. We started with a photographer and ended with a friend.”

Phil + Zoe

"Katherine is everything you are looking for in your wedding photographer. She is incredibly talented, has a gorgeous aesthetic, is thorough, kind & considerate and supremely dedicated to her couples. On top of all that, Katherine is such a blast to hang out with, which, it turns out, is REALLY important on your big day since you are with your photographer pretty much from start to finish. She made us feel so comfortable both in front of the camera and in between shots, playing our favorite music as we walked around during our first look session and making us laugh. Katherine goes above and beyond. She stayed until 3AM to capture the afterparty, seemed to be in a million places at once, getting photos of each event from all angles. And she is always so, so, so easy to reach (response time pretty much within a half hour even at night!) She captures not just the events of the day, not just the love in the room, but she captures the nature of your personal relationship. I could go on and on because we LOVE Katherine! Literally the best decision we made for the wedding! Do yourself a huge favor and hire her immediately."

Hallie + Sam

"Truthfully, I could write an entire novel about how kick ass amazing Katherine and Sam and all of Wilde Scout are! When I read reviews I like to hear specific examples of WHY and HOW a vendor is incredible, so here is my brief run down from first meeting Katherine to wedding day + beyond. Katherine was recommended to me through a friend of a friend of a friend so I was not at all sure what to expect, so I immediately found Wilde Scout's website, read their meet us section and within minutes emailed her to set up an in person get together. My now husband and I met her at a bar around the corner from our apartment, ate nachos, drank, and chatted for roughly an hour about her aesthetic, how she came to be a wedding photographer and what we were looking for. I'm going to pause here for a moment to state Katherine is a photojournalist. Katherine is a genius when it comes to capturing raw, candid, moments between you and your loved ones. She will certainly do an outstanding job documenting the posed family photos that every mom out there must have, but she really shines behind the scenes, in the details, without you even knowing she's there. I refer to her and Sam as not only photographers, but ninjas of sorts, they're EVERYWHERE and when you get your photos back you just can't help but wonder how in the world they got that shot or KNEW to take that shot... ninjas. Following our first meeting our next in person encounter with Katherine was at our engagement shoot. Admittedly, we were both very opposed to engagement photos, we envisioned them being cheesy, forced and awkward, but WOAH were we wrong. She did an outstanding job of putting us at ease and we honestly had an absolute blast that day. Our wedding day with her and Sam was EFFORTLESS, FUN, and MEMORABLE, but by this point, we came to expect nothing short of magic from Wilde Scout. Thank you will never do it justice, but its all I've got + SO much love for this badass group of lady photographers/ninjas"

Ali + Sean

It's interesting, reading all the reviews back when I was doing research for a photographer...and now post wedding reading reviews for Katherine Marchand and Wilde Scout Photo Co. They are true! She is incredible - stop looking now! Now that I have experienced Katherine Marchand as a person and come full circle to getting our video/photos and seeing the work she produces---what can I say to trump every other review you're reading right now to make you stop searching...reach out to Katherine and hire her. I admit, I believe all photos are beautiful but many weddings I go to or wedding albums I see are kind of the same - yes they are beautiful because weddings are AMAZING and love is amazing, but a lot of them look...the same? Well, I found Katherine on instagram and loved her photos so I reached out to see. You want to click with the person you hire- you will be spending so much time with them! Well, my search was over. She is sweet, thoughtful, fun, witty, smart, and incredibly talented. So my pre-wedding day experience was a blast getting to know her and share the stories of how my now husband and I met and what makes us us. She made me and us feel special and like I've known her for a long time. On my wedding day, she was such a calming and powerful behind the scenes orchestrator. I don't know how she does it but she somehow directs everyone to do everything with ease and to my delight and surprise, without pushback or questioning from some family members...She makes friends with everyone and to be honest-- everyone wants to be friends with her more. I think everyone in my wedding party asked who she was, how I found her, and that they loved her(from her style to her charm to her witty remarks/banter). She managed to capture the most beautiful moments of the day(the big obvious ones to all the behind the scenes moments you share with your loved ones). One thing I think gets overlooked and I am so lucky and grateful to her for, is she had my husband and I take moments to ourselves throughout the day. I don't think we would have done that or done it as well without her. It made us appreciate what we were doing, love on each other more, live in the moment, and really breathe in what we were doing. It was magical. So many people don't get to do that because the day goes so fast! So now... sitting on my couch and receiving the email including the video and photo album from Katherine. We got wine, laughed, I definitely cried, and we went through the photos and video reminiscing the vibes and moments our day. She captures all the moments that made it special - and that's not an easy feat. Katherine Marchand is so damn good at her job. I adore her and forever will because of her personality AND helping me have one of the best and most memorable days of my life.

Olivia + Kevin

When we first saw the Wilde Scout Photo Co. website, Katherine was pretty new to the game. There weren't a lot of bigger weddings, and no pictures of everyone going crazy on a dance floor. The photos that were there--though--had this quality to them. The focus of the photo was an emotional moment, a look that people were giving, a glint in the eye. The intimacy of her style stopped me in my tracks. We got in touch, and she responded immediately. We had chemistry with her over Skype immediately, and she even made us have a photographable moment from a few hundred miles away. We are both a bit awkward so it was pretty impressive. We kept going through her photographs and being like, "well maybe she only takes pictures of beautiful people," which is a hypothesis I maintain, but I think she seems to take pictures of the joy. From there, things only got better. Our engagement session was one of my best days of 2017, and our wedding was another (obviously my actual best day of 2017). Katherine has an amazing eye, and the photos speak for themselves. We also got an album, and let me tell you--not only was the layout process a breeze, but this album is an heirloom that we will love forever. I get teary-eyed every time I look through it. Katherine and Rachel (her second shooter for our wedding) were so fun to be around during our wedding day and it never felt like the paparazzi, despite them being weirdly present for everything that could happen. They captured our loved ones meeting each other, sweet moments with my Great Uncle, and everything in between. The portraits are also awesome, and I'm not really into portraits. To say that working with her was a pleasure would be the understatement of the year. Katherine is a gem. She's casual, sharp, witty, warm, and deeply talented.

Lauren + Steve

Katherine exceeded our expectations as our photographer in so many ways. After our first meeting, taking engagement photos last October I knew we had to book her for our wedding. She has an amazing eye and captures the whole story. Not to mention she is just plain fun to be around. This past Memorial Day weekend Katherine came out to shoot our wedding in Palmetto, GA at Serenbe Farms. After two airlines decided to cancel her flight, she went to the airport on a whim to ensure she was able to get to GA from NYC for our day. Serenbe is a big venue and like any even there were a lot of moving parts that Katherine fit into so perfectly. She picked up the pieces when our event coordinators lost control, she was a friend in helping decide what necklace I should wear (last minute decisions are always best for me!) and a friend to the wedding party ensuring they had a good time but stayed on track. She made our first look and the rest of the day with her so much fun and worry free. We put all of our trust in her to take photos as she saw fit throughout the day and evening and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Not only the photos but the friend we found in Katherine. She is one of those friends that take 'boomerangs' of my groom and I behind the bar on our wedding night long after the night had officially ended and stayed up until 3AM having a few last drinks to recap the day. I can't say it enough, you won't be disappointed booking her for your wedding!

Alexandria + Kerry