Jane + Brandon : At Home in Brooklyn

The best part of my job is when my clients become my friends. I photographed Jane + Brandon's engagement party at Brooklyn Winery in October. We've kept in touch often since. I am helping Jane with an artistic project of hers (stay tuned). When we met for lunch in my post-Will-leaving-NY sadness, I was like hey I kinda sorta have this idea for a couples session would you and Brandon be down? These two were all hell yes! We trust you. Which is truly is the highest honor as a photographer.

The love they have for one another makes my hair stand on end. Their love is electric, still, peaceful, a collaboration...the kind of love that is the loudest kind of silence. You can see it radiating and moving between them in the little glances, the small touches, and the loud laughs. Their place in Boerum Hill was the perfect place for the session, and honestly I don't know why the heck we would shoot anywhere else. 

Much love for these two xx