Where are you based out of?
I call New York home, but that’s nearly irrelevant. Stories are everywhere and so am I. I have worked as far as Burma, to Kenya, to London, to Florida, and to the West Coast. Passport is current. I love to travel and I can always make it out to where you're at.

Do you have insurance?
You betcha! Up to one million dollars in liability insurance.

Do you have backup equipment?
Yes. I carry backup equipment at all times - bodies, lenses, and flashes.

Do you provide every image you shoot?
I do not provide every image. I often have duplicate shots either side of the perfect moment. I want you to be able to look through a set of images that tell your story without being distracted by awkward in between shots.

Can we have the raw photos?
While I understand the question, RAW files are just that. Unedited, untouched, unsorted files. It would be the same as asking for a painter's pencil sketches in addition to the final product. Or asking for a chef's scrap food in addition to the final prepared meals. The ingredients are there but it isn't finished! I edit and work my magic on every image so that everything looks beautiful and cohesive when you receive the final photos.

How long will the online gallery be available?
For 3 months after the date they are released to you.

What are our rights to the photos?
You are allowed to print away, make mugs and magnets to your heart's delight. The only thing that is restricted is commercial usage.

Who is your second photographer?
I have a small team of professional photographers that I work with who have all been trained in the Wilde Scout style that will be there for you on your wedding day.

What happens if you are ill or cannot shoot our wedding?
As I have a small team of photographers that I work with, I guarantee someone amazing and similar styled will be able to capture your day in case of an emergency. 

Do you offer albums? 
Yes. I offer incredible quality art books that display your story in the same way I captured it: considered, beautiful, and honest.

What kind of cameras do you shoot with? 
I shoot primarily with a medium-format Fujifilm GFX-50S Digital Camera and a fleet of Fujifilm X-T2's.

I’m really not into the posey stuff… 
Most people aren’t, and neither am I. My images show you as who you are, not as a Cirque de Soleil contortionist. 

Do you take photos of other things?
I do - and you can take a look at www.katherinemmarchand.com. I got my start in photojournalism, and much of my experiments with other types of photography end up inspiring something new for Wilde Scout. 

How do I secure my date and book you?
Woohoo! You are still reading, so obviously we are a match made in heaven so cheers! It’s pretty simple to book me. I draft up my digital contract which you sign and then pay a $1,000 deposit to hold your date. I take credit cards (with a 3% credit card fee), checks, cash, and Venmo. Everything can be done easily online. You are then officially booked on my calendar, and then we schedule your complimentary engagement session. Bada bing bada boom.