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Now booking for 2018. Almost completely booked for 2017!


When you work with me, you're not just hiring a photographer. You're hiring an artist, a craftswoman, and someone who promises to kick some serious creative ass.

Also? You're hiring a friend. I cannot wait to meet you.

Here's how it works.

1. You inquire.
2. I respond within the hour (yep, I'm that fast).
3. We meet at my studio in Brooklyn. We have drinks. We bond. 
4. You book me and we choose a date for your complimentary portrait session.
5. I deliver badass photos within 4 weeks of your wedding day.

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Booking two photographers is strongly recommended for weddings of 125 people or more.
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Associate pricing begins at $2500. We're currently in the process of updating our website (you'll see it soon!), but our associate Samantha is an amazing badass who has been trained in the Wilde Scout style. Katherine and our studio manager Morgan manage her schedule, edit all of the photos, and you receive the full Wilde Scout experience with a mix of Sam's secret sauce.
Tell me what speaks to you about my work and what draws you in, specifically.
This is your chance to brag!
Questions, special requests, current TV shows you are binge watching, do you believe pineapple goes with pizza, etc etc

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