My approach to weddings is this.

Here's the thing a lot of people don't know about wedding photography: your photographer will be with you the most. More than your Mother, more than your Maid of Honor or Best Man, even more than your future spouse. What I do -- it is not as easy as the click of a button.

It is offering day-long encouragement and friendship. It is seeing the vision you have for your wedding day, then helping you to build it through timelines, creative direction and artistic partnership (and maybe a little pizza). It's being where you need me, whenever you need me. It's being your eyes on your big day, so you can celebrate your marriage knowing that it will not only be recorded, but captured. My job is to be there, to be ready, to see it all, and to always keep romance in mind. If you're looking for someone to tell your story and love every moment of it, let's have a conversation.


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