Naomi + James : Married on Inkersall Grange Farm

36 hours in the United Kingdom, maybe a little less.
My car stalling approximately 2384 times. Driving past fields and fields of sheep.
Everyone in the church singing to the live band after the bride walked in.
Tea and cakes being passed around and shared as the sun peeked out.
Live music. Homemade burgers and roasted pig. Candy floss. A whole lot of dancing.
Marshmallows over an open fire. Homemade brownies baked by the bride. 
A soft drizzle during speeches, because what is a UK wedding without a little rain?
A double rainbow and the warmest orange sunset to close out the day and invite in the party.
The most lit party I've ever been lucky enough to shoot (and dance) at.
Screaming and jumping around to "Mr. Brightside" with Naomi and James.
So much love all around.

Here's to the Gordon's.