Monica + Marty : Brooklyn Dance Party

Monica and Marty radiate in a way I've never witnessed before. The love they is so apparent they couldn't hide it if they tried. Their love, their laughter, their silliness, their loyalty, it is infectious in a way that touched me and left me deeply emotional after our engagement session. Choosing photos to share for this one was challenging -- every part of our afternoon was so beautiful. Editing their photos and putting them together into THEIR story was extra special for me. I'm not tearing up at a random coffee shop, YOU are tearing up at a random coffee shop.

Just kidding. It's me. I love my couples, what can I say.

Some background on their story. I meet or speak with every couple before they book me to ensure we are the right fit for one another. After Monica and Marty first inquired, our travel schedules didn't align so I broke my rule and we only talked over email. Something told me they were right and they booked me. A few weeks later, I'm trudging through the aftermath of a snowstorm to meet them at a beer bar in their neighborhood in Prospect Heights. I'm not going to lie -- I was nervous. I was worried we wouldn't click. Email is one thing, in-person is another. I sat down, and every fear melted away. It felt like we had known one another forever. Not only is Monica a fellow Cuban, our personalities meshed in such a way that I knew I hadn't just found incredible clients, but friends for life.

For their engagement session, we danced to Marc Anthony in their living room, hung out on their fire escape, and then strolled through the neighborhood that is so dear to them. October 29 can't come soon enough.