Leah + Rachel : The Metropolitan Building

This wedding. Oh my goodness. I truly don't know where to begin with these two. A perfect day surrounded by the ones they love most (all 200 of them), sharing some of the most incredible vows I've ever heard, and a dance party that just did. not. stop. And a whole lot of flying money too. Everyone deserves people in their lives like Leah and Rachel. Uplifting, energetic, supportive, honest and real, compassionate, and know how to throw down on the dance floor.

Getting to know them over the course of their journey to #MiPiWedding has been nothing short of literal magic. And then getting to know all the special people in their lives on the day of...well.  This is what happens when good people bring more good people together.

There was so much fun and love at this one. I will never, ever forget it.