Hallie + Sam : Wedding on the Family Farm

Photographers have a running joke about the *perfect* wedding. The ones that make everything worth it. For me, it's not about the timelines, or the details, or the amount of portrait time so we can feel *creatively* fulfilled during the craziness of the day. Nah.

The perfect day is being invited in wholeheartedly and welcomed into the family for a weekend with open arms. The perfect day is when the love in the room is tangible. Everyone in attendance squeezing them tight, genuinely ecstatic and joyful to see these two married. The perfect day is being there while the tears ran down Hallie's face during the speeches, lens clicking when Sam choked up after seeing Hallie for the first time, and jumping in naked to the pool along with the whole wedding party at the end of the night.

The perfect day is that these two souls have not only found one another, but chose each other.

So yea, this one was pretty perfect. Congratulations to #SallieandHam! xx