Gregg + Kalie: Northern Ireland Lovers

I love what I do. The paths that cross with my own and the people that come into my life...I'm pretty dang lucky. Say what you want about social media, but Instagram has been an amazing connector for me. My couples connect with me, I connect with them, I connect with other talented photographers, it all goes around and around.

Weirdly enough, sometimes Instagram brings couples together. That's exactly how Kalie and Gregg met. Kalie is American, Gregg is Irish. Gregg started following Kalie after @vsconi shared one of her photos. He slid into her DM's, and well...the rest is history. It usually takes some time for my couples to warm up in front of the camera. These two were just so in love it was like I wasn't even there. That's when the real magic is made mmmmhmmmm.

Check these two out on Insta, seriously they are so talented >>> @kalieburton + @_greggreid