Eric + Eryc : Autumn Catskills Wedding at Handsome Hollow

The Er(i)(y)c's. Over the course of our time together, I got to know Eryc so well as he's a obviously we connected hard. He also happens to be one of the most amazingly supportive humans I've been lucky to know. Because of Eric's work schedule (traveling across the globe every week NBD), I wasn't able to meet him until our portrait session one week before the wedding. When I came to their apartment in Clinton Hill on a Monday morning five days out from the wedding, I wasn't sure what to expect of Eric. I'd only heard about him through Eryc and stalking photos on Instagram. I didn't know what their relationship would be like.

Individually, these two are fucking amazing people. They just are. It's as simple as that. But together? They're something else. Sometimes couples just fit when they come together, and other times..they radiate. Eric and Eryc are like this. Individually, they are the most loving, supportive, hysterical, and relatable people. They make you feel like you're the only person in the world. But when they come together, it's just something else. The way they love one another and love everyone around them. The wonderful community of humans they have created together. Eryc tolerates Eric's love of Kylie Minogue. Their two creative brains come together and just make magic.

Everyone stretched across the world coming together in a barn in the middle of the woods (no cell service and all) to party shows how much love there is for them. This day was a ridiculous amount of Polaroid snapping, ukulele playing, rose petals flying, warm fires going, and a whole lot of Kylie Minogue dancing ;)

So much love. xx