2016: A Year in Review

What a year.

I was hit by a car. My entire life came to a halt. Everything changed. Forced to leave my desk job for recovery, I felt lost and confused. Yet looking back now, it all seems so clear. Everything extra had been stripped away so I could see what was really in front of me. Those months sitting on the couch, helpless and recovering, are when I found out what I was made of. 

This year has been a crazy insane journey of trauma, healing, support, lots of love, and building something great: Wilde Scout Photo Co.

I feel so lucky to be truly wild(e)ly alive and do what I do for a living: capturing wildly alive and bad to the bone lovers. I've pushed myself to be a stronger, better photographer and to see things differently. I've seen my work grow and change with every time I pick up the camera. I've learned to trust my gut, go with the flow, and do my thaaaaaang.

My face is turned towards the coming breeze of 2017. I am so excited to see where this all goes next.