Sarah + Eric : Indian Summer in DUMBO

On my way to the session with Sarah and Eric, I was undertaking the perilous subway ride to meet them in Brooklyn Heights and feeling particularly grumpy. Think 4 and 5 express trains closed, the 2 platform packed to the brim with bodies before the train even arrived, all on the last 90 degree day of summer in NYC...ugh.

I was hating people, hating New York City, hating the heat - simply hating it all. But then once I met Sarah and Eric, they loosened up, and things got rolling in front of the camera -- all that melted away. I left feeling elated, hopeful, and above all INSPIRED. Inspired by love, real true love, and a connection with someone, the connection with someone that makes the rest of the shit melt away.

I am so blessed to work with the couples I do. Chilling together with my camera and making art together gives me a little glimpse into the beautiful lives they lead together...that kind of magic never ceases to amaze me. Sarah and Eric were this x10000000. All around, they just made you go, damn

Sarah and Eric have been dating since they were 16 years old, to be exact, so currently been together for over six years. DAMN. Eric proposed in Riverside Park the day of his graduation from Columbia University this past May. DAAAAMN. When you see these gorgeous people in front of the camera and their love written all over their faces with New York City as the most natural backdrop possible.


you know the drill. play and scroll my friends.