Holly + Tyler : Sunday at The Met

Holly has been my best friend for almost 12 years - we met when we were both in the same science class in 7th grade and she has been my soul sister ever since (S&D forever). We were chatting about how I was doing to shoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art a month back. Holly was like "hey...well Tyler and I would love to do it" and I was like "What?!" and she was all "Yes!" and I was all "YAAAAS!" and now here we are.

Photographing a longtime close friend is a beautiful and reflective experience - these two areas of your life cross as you put this person that means so much to you in front of your lens along with the person that means so much to them. It is this beautiful circle of lovin.

I met Tyler almost five years ago to the date of today. Holly and I drove up to Boston for New Year's Eve for a party that Tyler was hosting. This was right at the initial stages of their relationship. I got my first speeding ticket. We went to Friendly's. I met Tyler. Back then, we were all sophomores in college and still figuring out who we were, what we wanted, and where our lives were going. Something about Holly and Tyler just stuck. They have always just been so GOOD together. They've been through it all together including long distance from Spain to Bethlehem, PA (kudos). It was so incredible to capture them.

Love you two.

You know the drill. Hit play and scroll (I really encourage you to listen for this post, it will make you feel all the feels).