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We are a family of photographers that care deeply about you and your wedding day. Get to know us, what we do, and why we do it.

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Katherine Marchand


new phone who dis?
Born and raised in Park Slope to Cuban-American parents, I did my undergrad at Tufts University in Boston in International Relations. After working with the Pulitzer-prize winning team of VII Photo, I found myself working as a freelance photojournalist for the United Nations. Based in Rome, Italy, I traveled from place to place uncovering stories: lack of access to pain medication, a country opening after decades of isolation, a country recovering 20 years after a genocide, and teen pregnancy. Kenya, Burma, Thailand, Rwanda. But, my experiences around the world as a photojournalist were only the beginning. But something happened to me while based in Rome. I was hit by a car. 

so how did you end up photographing weddings?
Two accidents, one happy and one not-so-happy, inspired me to start Wilde Scout. I never thought in a million years I'd be doing wedding photography. While recovering at home from knee surgery after the accident, a friend of mine got engaged and was looking for a wedding photographer. I had never photographed a couple before. But I had the best damn time. A little lightbulb went off in my head. What if there was cool wedding photography? That was different. And real. And beautiful.

What started out as an experiment and the epitome of the shrug emoji  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ became a calling. I know that sounds cheesy, but it is TRUE. I started Wilde Scout to build a family of photographers that are not only your photographer, but your friend. We will make your wedding look dope AF and capture your best friend from high school lip syncing Whitney Houston into a beer bottle. That is what it is all about. The realness, celebration, excitement, emotional, and FUN of your day.

I am truly at my happiest when I am following you around, kicking it with your wedding crew  and dancing around grandma breaking it down on the dance floor. To get married is always a choice that two people make together. On this day, you go from "two" to "one." Love is the bomb. Why not celebrate that with the most fucking epic party ever?! All of those you love in one place, passing plates, coming together to celebrate you. Two groups coming in, and leaving as one.

When I'm not shooting weddings, I can be found reading The New Yorker on the F train, dancing to industrial techno late night, and trying not to kill my plants. If you love quoting Broad City, hit me up and see if we are a fit! Mezcal on me.




Sam Leonetti

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who the heck are you? 

I'm a northerner turned southerner turned northerner again. While currently Brooklyn living with my three loves (two of which are cats), I am Philly born but fully formed in the south (so when you hear me say "y'all", don't be alarmed). I did my undergrad at James Madison University in Virginia in Mathematics. 

wait, hold up. . . did you just say mathematics? 

That's right! *adjusts glasses and whips out scientific calculator* 

While my classes were full of numbers, formulas, and proofs (#whatanerd), my free time was spent honing my craft. Random photoshoots with my friends in abandoned houses, open fields, and swimming holes turned into referrals for headshots, graduation photos, engagement shoots and eventually. . . WEDDINGS! 

so, what do you love about being a wedding photographer? 

Since my photography grew as my friends grew, my first few weddings were those of my dear friends. Being a part of such a memorable day for people I loved hit me right in the feels. . . and I mean sucker punched me right in the emotion-bone. #IGetSoEmotionalBaby

Capturing those #weddingdayfeels in images that can be can revisited over and over again is so incredibly fulfilling. Not only can my couples see themselves living it up and having an amazing time, but they also get to see those moments they may have missed, like grandma chillin with the groomsmen and dad crying during the first dance. 

At the end of the day, it's about capturing these memories so you can look back on those photos and not only see what happened, but remember what it felt like to be there and re-live every emotion.

If you're looking for a nerdy, cat-loving lady... hit us up to see if we are a fit! Coffee is on me.



Morgan Archer


so who are you?!

Wasssupp! If you asked me what I am, I’d tell you that I’m a photographer, dog mom of to Miniature Schnauzers, and wifey to the hottest man on the planet. What I usually leave out is that I’m REALLY passionate about singing and have been singing as long as I’ve had a camera in my hand, which was pretty much the moment I not-so-gracefully emerged from the womb.

I've got a deeply-rooted passion for freezing moments in time - it's pretty much a super power. Although I am not a photographer for Wilde Scout, it’s my background in photography and Monica-type personality that makes me so passionate about working behind-the-scenes for the WS family!

you're behind the scenes. what do you do?

I run shit behind the curtain! I take care of everything on the business end. I handle the team's calendar, the booking process, delivering photos, and all the other little things that keep Wilde Scout running! You'll see me copied in on emails and checking in with you periodically to make sure we can help you. Just think of us as your wedding spirit guides ;) 


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Real Photos from Our Real Lives

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Katherine struggling to model at a photo workshop

Katherine struggling to model at a photo workshop

Morgan getting married (!!!)

Morgan getting married (!!!)

Sam doing aerial yoga (she also teaches at Y7 Yoga)

Sam doing aerial yoga (she also teaches at Y7 Yoga)

Rumi (The Official Wilde Scout Mascot)

Rumi (The Official Wilde Scout Mascot)

Actual couple goals.

Actual couple goals.

Sam + Carl being adorable (as always)

Sam + Carl being adorable (as always)

Katherine and Pizza: A Love Story

Katherine and Pizza: A Love Story

"Coffee isn't a choice, it's a lifestyle."

"Coffee isn't a choice, it's a lifestyle."