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"I forgot to hire a photographer for my engagement party and was scrambling at the last minute. Katherine was recommended to me by a friend, and while I was hoping for the best, I figured worst case scenario, we'll have nicer wedding photos.

With that being said, Katherine's photos were above and beyond, stunning, classic, unbelievable! She captured the essence of our party, family, and relationship. She seamlessly handled two huge families (and mothers) and managed everyone so I didn't have to. At one point, she moved me aside from everyone to give me a cookie. Not kidding. Do yourself a favor and hire Katherine for your next event! And Katherine, thank you a million times! We will be hiring you over and over again in the future!"



"I feel there are a few times in life when you know you'll want to look back at a moment and say, "there. I remember that moment. And, it was beautiful." My husband and I were married about a month ago. We asked Katherine to capture & preserve those incredibly precious moments for us.

Not only was she with us through the occasion with incredible grace and warmth, but the photos she made were exactly perfect. They were the day incarnate. And, I cannot thank her enough. I recommend Katherine's talent, skill, and extraordinary eye with the deepest of confidence."


"We did our engagement shoot with Wilde Scout and Katherine was amazing. She worked seamlessly with us to get so many great photos. The pictures came out great and the overall experience was so amazing that we decided to hire her for our wedding as well!"

"My favorite thing about our photo shoot was Katherine herself. We didn't feel forced, posed, or awkward at all, thanks to Katherine's sense of humor and artistry. Her excitement and passion for what she does truly came through all day - from stopping us to get a great shot in a spot we wouldn't have thought of, to showing us specific pictures she loved along the way. It just felt like a great day at the museum and in Central Park with a good friend (that happened to be snapping pictures of our love story)."


"Katherine and I have been friends for almost 12 years. Ever since we were young, she has been a creative-- specifically focused on photography and the visual world. We worked together on our high school's award winning yearbook and Katherine was our photo editor. Even back then she had a rare talent, and she has still come so far.

So, getting to work with Katherine last weekend, and seeing how she's grown as a photographer, was especially cool for me. She made my boyfriend, Tyler, and me feel super at ease. We shot at the Met in New York City and she knew all the tricks to get the best shot possible-- even up against the challenge of museum lighting. We are so excited to have and share these photos with our friends and families. Thank you again, Katherine!"



"We met Katherine on a Sunday afternoon in the West Village to do engagement photos. My fiancé and I don't really like having our picture taken but Katherine made it so fun and easy. She had great ideas of where to take our pictures at and we ended up having a blast. In one week she had the first look of the photos ready and they are stunning! We are so happy we finally have amazing photos to share, not your typical cheesy engagement photos but something special that really represents our relationship and love for NYC."



"Dennis and I are not pros at the whole photo shoot thing, so our goal was to be as not-awkward as possible. Katherine made that easy with her encouragement, grace, and sense of humor. She continually reminded us to relax and helped us find our groove, while stopping and directing a bit more if the artistic spirit struck her with a possibly-awesome photo op. I knew that her photos would be incredible, and they were indeed! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for photos that capture you, a connection/relationship, or a special memory. These were not typical engagement photos, and for that I applaud her wholeheartedly."





"Katherine has such a beautiful touch to make you feel comfortable around the camera. This made it fun and enjoyable for our shoot whilst visiting NYC. Thank you so much for helping us create memories of our trip and our engagement! X"



"My fiancée and I had the privilege of working with Katherine and Wilde Scout Photo Co. for our engagement photos. The experience itself was so much fun! We were a little nervous, but Katherine helped us relax and kept our energy up. The final photos are breathtaking. We are beyond ecstatic! We have wonderful photos to remember such a great time in our lives and will cherish them forever. Run to Wilde Scout Photo Co!"


"We have a 3 1/2 year old and 2 year old twins, so it's always a little chaotic and crazy in our house. We wanted a fun, relaxed shoot that captured the joy that our 3 little people create in our life every day. Whenever we try to do the posed pictures it never works out well, so playing and running in our yard was perfect. Katherine captured the essence of our family; love and laughter. She not only managed to get great shots, she played with our kids and laughed along with us, it was really a great morning of fun. She managed to get magical pictures and we also created a lasting memory along the way. We would highly recommend Katherine, she is so easy to work with, you will not only be thrilled with her work, because she is so amazingly talented but you will also find her a pleasure to be around. Thank you so much for such beautiful pictures, we look forward to doing the same again!"



"Katherine is as authentic as her photos are. Her beautiful photographic work reflects her great talent for capturing moments that tell a story. Katherine traveled with us to South Carolina to photograph a 50th birthday weekend and worked with a perfect balance of poise and professionalism that allowed for an authentic rendering of the spirit of our celebration."


"WOW! We are stunned. We cannot stop looking at our photos. Each one is better than the last...they are all stunning and capturing so much emotion in every single shot. Your style is very journalistic. I love it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!

Each year, my Mother's Day gift is a family photo shoot. This year, we were so fortunate to have Katherine shoot our photos. Prior to the shoot, we discussed various ideas of where to shoot, the feel we wanted, clothing, style and backup locations, in case the weather did not work in our favor. On the day of the shoot, Katherine's fun and easy-going demeanor set my toddler at ease. We ended up with shots we never planned which turned out to be our favourites! Katherine's style is photojournalist. The shoot is very easy and natural, as though we were just having a family moment that happened to be captured digitally. We would definitely work with Katherine, again. Book her before she fills up! She's very talented!"