For wildly alive and bad to the bone lovers

 We are not going to sit here and tell you that your love is adventurous, romantic, or dreamy. None of that. That shit is silly.

Your love is real.
Your love is you.
And your love is dope AF.


That realness is our speciality. We are not one of those peripheral recorders or a fly on the wall. We are involved with heart, body, and soul in what makes you two the most badass, interesting, and brilliant people in each other's lives. Our photos don't come from standing on the outside looking in. We specialize at being right in the heart of the moment, capturing it from the source. This means breaking it down on the dance floor with your best friends. This is us signing as your witness for your elopement, and squeezing you tight with the camera still clicking after you recite your vows.  

We come in not just as your photographer, but as a friend.We are your third and slightly more sarcastic partner, on hand to provide you with more than you could ever think to ask for. You have us in our entirety from your very first email. We are there for encouragement when you need it, for the experienced eye where you want it, and of course, for sitting on the floor with the last of the champagne at 2am laughing about every moment leading up to that one and the pure, hilarious brilliance of your day. 

We are your ride or die.
If this what you are looking for, then come on in. Let's make some magic.



Wilde Scout...but what does it mean?

Wilde Scout has two meanings.

Wilde is the name of founder Katherine's favorite author and one of history's most ridiculous badasses, Oscar Wilde. And seeing as our couples also come under "History's Most Ridiculous Badasses," it was pretty damn fitting. 

Scout is more personal to us, and personal is what we are all about. Scout was Kat's nickname growing up due to the fact that people thought she was very much like Scout Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird, mostly due to her sarcastic confidence and unwillingness to back down from a fight. The nickname dropped, but the character traits stayed (especially the sarcastic part). 

When you take the two together, we are the Wilde Scouts you send on ahead of the party to find those ever important moments in your most important day.