For wildly alive and bad to the bone lovers

 I am not going to sit here and tell you that your love is adventurous, romantic, or dreamy. None of that. That shit is silly.

Your love is real.
Your love is you.
And your love is dope AF.


If you are looking for someone only to take photos, we aren't a fit. You get a lot more with me. I make a lot of jokes (usually of the nerdy Dad variety), keep it hella real with you, and I quote Broad City to no end (#YAASQUEEN). What else do you receive when you book with me?

I take photos for your memories, not for Instagram (but of course I do those epic portraits too). My photography evokes the story of your day, as seamlessly as it unfolded. You will remember the sniffling of your best friend as they try to hold back tears before giving their speech. The smell of the crisp paper as you open the envelope your fiancé has written you. How their face looks when they listen to you recite your vows. Both sides of your families standing side by side for group photos, finally coming together as one. The sounds of champagne glasses clinking mixed with the laughter of all you love, gathering to celebrate how far you both have come.

Regardless of the when/where/how/why, this day is important. I care about the details, but I care about the emotions even more. You are hiring me for day-long encouragement and friendship. I see the vision you have for your wedding day, then help you to build it through timelines, creative direction and artistic partnership (and maybe a little pizza). I am your eyes, so you can celebrate while knowing that it will not only be recorded, but captured.

sound like your vibe?


Wilde Scout...but what does it mean?

Wilde Scout has two meanings. 

First, if you drop the "e," it's wild. If wild and crazy in love describes you and your boo, I'm your gal. Second, it is the name of my favorite author, Oscar. He is funny, witty, and dry. Just like me.

A scout, by definition, searches, explores, and reports. I think of myself as a love scout. My job is to search and explore, finding the root of your connection as a couple and report back to you on what makes you so incredibly badass. 

My camera is my tool, my photos the proof. If you are getting those warm and fuzzy feelings inside, it only gets better from here.



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