For wildly alive and bad to the bone lovers

For wildly alive and
bad to the bone lovers.


I believe we are built in the hard moments. We discover what we are made of when we are tested. 

Love isn't beautiful because it is always happy and joyful and easy. Love is beautiful because it was tested, it struggled, it worked hard to come out alive. The couples who inspire me are the ones who are wildly alive. The ones who have looked darkness in the eye and chose to go through it together, rather than alone. Yes, I want to photograph your story. Yes, I want to photograph the happiest day of your lives. But I also care about the shit that got you here.

Your wedding day isn’t just about the day you say your vows. It is the culmination of the promises you’ve been making to one another to stick it out together from day one. Your wedding day is the first step in a lifetime of promises to one another. 

And that is what I am there to photograph.


Wilde Scout...but what does it mean?

Wilde Scout has two meanings. 

First, if you drop the "e," it's wild. If wild and crazy in love describes you and your boo, I'm your gal. Second, it is the name of my favorite author, Oscar. He is funny, witty, and dry. Just like me.

A scout, by definition, searches, explores, and reports. I think of myself as a love scout. My job is to search and explore, finding the root of your connection as a couple and report back to you on what makes you so incredibly badass. 

My camera is my tool, my photos the proof. If you are getting those warm and fuzzy feelings inside, it only gets better from here.



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